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We live in challenging times. The COVID-19 virus has brought our world to a standstill. We have new terms: community spread and social distancing. It is time to be smart and be safe. It is not time to panic and lose focus on what is happening. Look out for your neighbors, especially the vulnerable ones. The power is not going out, the water will still run and the gas will stay on to heat our homes. We are lucky to have them on-demand delivery services.

We at Inland Lakes Inspection Services (ILIS) take public health officials seriously. We wash our hands, wipe down surfaces that we touch, and generally avoid personal contact with anyone.

Our job is to go into people’s homes. It is there that poses the highest risk, whether in the basement or the bathroom. The unseen virus sits on a sink faucet waiting for our hand to cross over it and BLAM, there is another case of COVID-19.

We will take every precaution possible to protect ourselves and the community we interact with. This will include no personal contact, use of personal protective equipment and general common sense. If at any point we feel our surroundings are compromised we will back out of the situation as safely as possible.

Given the risks and recommendations, ILIS will shut down in-person contact over the next 8 weeks. We are available for drone operations, limited exterior inspections, and phone, email and text communications. Stay safe and we look forward to seeing our customers again in the near future.

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